Steiger Surface treatments for dental implants

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New Image video 130th anniversary

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The specialist of plating solutions!

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Our new process to provide the sliding surface for electronic connectors: the SANTOLUBE

Akrom, the basis for reliable and innovative coating solutions.

  • Galvanic coating of copper, nickel, tin

  • Chromium coatings (matt chrome, polished chrome, black chrome)

  • Precous metal coatings (silver, palladium, gold, rhodium, platinum)

  • Special coatings nickel, Teflon, nickel diamond

  • Anodizing and hard anodizing of aluminum

  • Ematal, hard anodizing and Alodine coatings

  • Electropolishing of steel, aluminum and titanium

  • Passivation

  • Micro blasting and sand blasting